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We Take Pride in Who We Are

Collection Services in Woodmere, New York

BGL Credit, Ltd., in Woodmere, New York, offers collection services free of any gimmicks. We do not require any contract beyond that implied in our Account Referral Form. We rely on service and satisfaction to secure and retain clients.

Professional Firm

We are proud to be a professional collection agency. Our clients include property owners of luxury buildings, and proprietors of smaller buildings. We cover the whole gambit, helping every type of client recover valuable funds.

Fee Schedule

Our detailed Fee Schedule helps to avoid misunderstandings or surprises. As this schedule indicates, our fees are paid upon successful collection. If, as occasionally happens, a client must withdraw a matter already referred to us (for example, because it has been paid prior to referral, but our client had not properly credited the account), there is no fee for dropping the matter. All our client pays is the actual out-of pocket legal costs and disbursements, plus any legal fees we have actually incurred, if applicable.

Business People, Collection Services in Woodmere, NY

No Hidden Charges

All fees paid to attorneys for their services, with the exception of infrequent non-contingent suit fees, are included in our fee. There are no hidden charges. In unusual circumstances, when attorneys' fees exceed normal levels, we notify our clients when we request authorization to litigate.

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