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About Our Agency

BGL Credit, Ltd., a collection agency in Woodmere, New York, advises clients on ways to improve their cash flow. With more than 30 years of experience, we are the trusted debt collection firm for businesses of any size.

Top Number of Reasons You Should Hire BGL Credit

1. We collect delinquent receivables. We also advise clients on how to improve their credit procedures.

2. Our fees are competitive. If we do not collect, there is no fee. Standard BGL rates are for claims that are over $1,000 and not more than a year past due. Claims under this amount are not submitted to an attorney for collection.

3. At our collection agency, we emphasize quality service in the recovery of delinquent accounts. We inform our clients by telephone or email of every significant development in the collection process, without burdening them with unnecessary paperwork, so that they always know exactly what stage of the collection process each matter has reached.

Money, Collection Agency in Woodmere, NY

4. Clients appreciate our accountability. We provide full and clear disclosure of all transactions and every penny we collect or spend. We invite clients to send their auditors to our offices, unannounced, to examine all accounts we are handling for them.

5. No one surpasses our trustworthy procedures and personnel. All monies held in escrow until checks clear and distributed simultaneously to the client, attorneys, and ourselves. We provide full accounting, including photocopies of all Judgments and payments received. (Please note: all suits to JUDGMENTS will require an advance of anticipated out of pocket costs.)

6. We respect debtors and creditors. We take care not to engender bad feelings on the part of your valued customers. Impressed debtors often send us their
own collections.

7. The geographic diversity of our staff allows us to operate not only in New York but also nationally and internationally.

8. Our professionalism and positive results have won us a worldwide clientele. We do not use gimmicks. We are a leading collection agency because of our personal approach to effective global credit management.

9. The diversity of our clientele demonstrates our acceptance in the industry as a solid, reliable firm that gets results for residential and commercial property owners, light and heavy industrial equipment manufacturers, prominent banks, prestigious builders, service industries, and professional firms. While we specialize in real estate collections, we are also successful in commercial and consumer collections. Debtors may be either business entities or individuals.

10. Positive Results: If we do not collect, there is no fee. When we collect, your cash flow grows. Our track record, and that of your attorneys, allows us to assure you that you will benefit from a substantial portion of the money owed you, much of which you probably never expected to collect.

11. Honesty is our policy. We do not guarantee 100% collection because in honesty no one can. However, our record of accomplishment, and those of our attorneys, is impressive. We can assure you that you will benefit from a substantial portion of the money owed you, much of which you probably never expected to receive.

12. Credit Reports on individuals are provided to our clients for a reasonable fee. We can transmit the information immediately via email or by fax, it has a dedicated telephone line at (516) 295-1211.

Contact us in Woodmere, New York, for a collection agency dedicated to recovering your funds.